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As of Jan 1st 2017, we will prefer review requests through PR’s and PA’s, or if we’ve read the author previously. If you don’t find yourself in either of these categories, you can still submit your request. We will not guarantee, that we will accept your books for review. So this is your chance to dazzle us, don't be boring and include your blurb.  If we have to hunt for it, your book will automatically be rejected.  Also, include Goodreads and Amazon links along with cover if you have it.  Bonus if you include a small excerpt.    


You Will be expected to provide a copy of you book in KINDLE/mobi format, not epub, or pdf, KINDLE/mobi.  If you aren't prepared to do this, please don't waste our time.  No, you will not be given our reviewer private emails.  You will be asked to send the file to the  If you aren't comfortable with this, you can always gift us a copy from Amazon or Smashwords to the same email, or we will provide our kindle emails if needed.  


Please keep in mind that all reviewers have lives and jobs and don't just sit and read all day, even though we wish we could.  We do this in our spare time.  We do our best to meet deadlines and release dates. However, this doesn't always happen.  Not to mention your review is being worked on a schedule with 3 active reviewers.  So please don't start pestering us the second you see a reviewer mark your book as finished on their private Goodreads account and your review hasn't posted.  It will be.  


If we do accept your book for review. We can DNF if we feel that it’s not something we can truly get into. Below all still applies

As part of our policy, we DO NOT remove our reviews. If we spent the time to read and review your work, it's disrespectful to ask us to remove it. We understand that you worked hard. But we are honest reviewers and it would tarnish our credibility.





Please Include this information in the request:


  • Title

  • Publisher

  • Release Date

  • Genre

  • Length

  • Formats Available

  • Cover Image

  • Blurb

  • Does your book Contain any trigger type of material? ie. Rape, Molestation, Child abuse, if so what percentage of the book?

  • Is it Part of a Series?

  • Author Pages: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blog Etc..


Send your Request to: with your Name and Book Title in the Subject line.









1. We didn't like it.. meh 
2. It was ok. It could of been better

3. It was good. 
4. We really enjoyed it 
5. We absolutely, positively loved it
5+++ Super Fabulous with Rainbows and Kittens and Unicorn Farts on top!

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