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Stormi's Review: Versions of Her by Andrea Lochen


PUBLISHER: Red Adept Publishing, LLC

RELEASED: July 23, 2019

GENRE: Women's Literary Fiction

LENGTH: 310 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback







On the surface, Melanie Kingstad-Keyes’s life is the picture of success. She’s a tenure track professor at a prestigious university and has a perfect husband. But a recent miscarriage has left her reeling and her marriage tenuous. Selling her family’s Lake Indigo summer home, which she hasn’t visited in fifteen years, feels like the perfect distraction from her problems. Now, she only needs to persuade her younger sister, Kelsey, to go along with her plan.

Stuck in a dead-end job, Kelsey Kingstad bounces from one doomed relationship to the next as she struggles to jumpstart her adult life. Carrying the guilt of her mother’s untimely death, Kelsey is reluctant to let go of the Victorian house filled with memories of her mom and their childhood.

When the sisters find a mysterious hidden door, Melanie and Kelsey discover that they can directly view their mother’s younger years and learn all the secrets she never shared with them. Delving into her memories is fun at first, but Melanie and Kelsey quickly uncover difficult truths, throwing their own life choices into question and making them wonder if they ever truly knew their mother. Visiting the past may help them find closure, but the cost could be steeper than they realize.


When two sisters meet up to sell a family lake house, neither one knows what they are going to find. One sister, Melanie, is suffering from a loss. The other sister, Kelsey, is dealing with her troubles, like having to deal with her sister selling the family lake house. A magical find one day helps them cope with losses and become closer than they had been in years. This find will also present them with some major shocks that will change their lives like they never thought imaginable.

Wow! I am absolutely in love with this story. The writing was phenomenal. It kept me reading and intrigued. The characters were down to earth and so real. They faced real-life problems. The storyline was just amazing. I found not one fault in this book.

I can say that this book is on my top favorite books list for this year. From beginning to end, I was hooked. If you enjoy a good story with sisterhood, family, pain, loss, laughter, secrets, and drama, then please read this book. It was amazing!!!

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