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Stormi's Review: Three by Emma-Nicole Lewis

Updated: Nov 13, 2019


PUBLISHER: Emma-Nicole Lewis

RELEASED: June 27, 2019

GENRE: Paranormal, Suspense

LENGTH: 148 pages








A criminally insane convict. A haunted house. A shockingly twisted truth.

Hillcrest House is where Annabelle Montague was killed, on New Year’s Eve, thirty years ago. Convicted of murder, her husband, Sir Edward Montague, has spent the last thirty years of his life in a high security unit for the criminally insane. Now, as part of an experimental treatment pathway, he has returned to Hillcrest House. Much like his rapidly deteriorating mind, the house is a derelict and wasted version of its former grand self. Inside the dimly lit corridors, lurking amidst the shadows and the dusty, empty rooms is the truth – and Annabelle.

Under the supervision of two clinical professionals, one desperate for money, the other for recognition, the experiment begins. As it does, the unsettling rumours surrounding Sir Edward and Hillcrest House begin to surface.

Is Sir Edward more dangerous and disturbed than anyone had realised, or is there something more sinister creeping about in the darkness at Hillcrest House?

A story told from three points of view and over the course of two days, a twisted truth begins to unravel. Everyone has something to hide. Especially Annabelle.


Who killed Annabelle? That is the main question that this story poses. An old man with dementia and other mental health issues, a hero/villain, and nurses that are the witness to it all... That is what you are presented within this tale of horror.

I have read many of this author's books, and this one was by far my favorite yet. It was scary and had me intrigued and glued to the pages. The descriptions in this story were written so well that I could visualize and be placed in the story as it played in my head. I loved it.

The characters were real and down to earth, mostly, and easy to follow. The story line was so spooky at times I got chills. Another great story by a continually improving author.

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