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Stormi's Review: Submit Horror by Steven Deighan

APC PUBLISHER: Steven Deighan RELEASED: December 23, 2019 GENRE: Short Stories, Horror LENGTH: 174 pages FORMAT: eBook, Paperback


Fiction comes and goes in droves, but one thing is constant: remembering the feelings that bind us to the words. 14 stories within these pages each urge you to face the imminent terror and dismay of their unfortunate and cruel situations. From eerie clown-children to blood-draining aliens - including the pre-cursor to his forthcoming supernatural horror novel, Bethany Chiller(R) - this is Steven Deighan giving us a glimpse into an unforgiving world that's harshly fragmented and frequented by the unmerited and unworldly. These tales are the culmination of a decade filled with real-life trials and tribulations found, perhaps, only in [his] horror fiction. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

This was an interesting group of short stories. While most books like this are blood and gore, this one was on a deeper level. These stories had me thinking a lot. Each story was visualized easily. The transitions between each were also easy. I honestly have no complaints. These tales are freaky enough to keep me reading, but it was not what you would generally expect to find in this type of book. Aren't those the fun books, though?

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