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Stormi's Review: Maybe the Dream Knows What is Real by Steve Grogan


PUBLISHER: Steve Grogan

RELEASED: June 24, 2018

GENRE: Horror, Short Story

LENGTH: 74 pages








He was lost, directionless, unable to find his identity.

He thought he found it in her, which was good because he was teetering on the edge of madness.

She had no way of knowing her actions would push him over the edge.

This is a story about the dangers of depending on others to give you a sense of self-worth, taken to the extreme. It is a graphic, dark story not meant for the faint of heart. The graphic content makes up only 15% of the prose, but it is some of the most harrowing writing ever committed to page.

Steve Grogan has published several collections of poetry and short stories. This is his first story of extended length to be published.


I have to be honest and admit that I read the author's note before starting this story and was setting myself up to dislike this story. The complete opposite happened. I read this novella in one sitting. I really found this story to paint a vivid and disturbing insight into the mind of a killer.

A short, but vividly descriptive insight. From start to finish, I read it in fascination and horror. The circumstances that lead the main character on his path are some that I, strangely, can relate too. The scene between him and his mother where she made him feel getting picked on was his fault, and yep, I felt that. The being a loner thing, yep, felt that. With this being said, it has me questioning my state of mind. Joking! Yeah, I am NOT joking? I don't know if I am bound to go crazy or if this is all just a masterpiece from an author's imagination?

Overall, I enjoyed this tale that doesn't have a happy ending. One that sets the reader on a different path. A darker path. One that may make you question your state of mind. I enjoyed it very much, indeed.

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