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Stormi's Review: Earthbound by Melora Johnson


PUBLISHER: Tirgearr Publishing

RELEASED: January 15, 2020

GENRE: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

LENGTH: 186 pages








Ally Reynolds is a veterinarian specializing in raptor rehabilitation in New Hampshire. Other than one horrific incident in her childhood and a little extra “spark” for healing in her hands, both of which she has kept secret from even her best friend, her life has been singularly boring. It has also been extremely lonely. Ally longs for someone to share her life with, but how can she trust someone with her secret?

Matthew Blake, an ornithologist at Cornell University, calls Ally, asking for her help with an injured raptor. Matthew grew up in New Zealand and has lived around the world. He has read about Ally’s high success rates in raptor rehabilitation and suspects there is more to it than is generally known.

Matthew has some secrets of his own; he is a demon hunter. He suspects Ally’s healing powers could benefit him. He wants her to join him and thinks they’d make a great team.

Can Ally trust him or is he just using her? Matthew definitely has more secrets, and some of them are about her.


I enjoyed this story. Ally is just a normal girl until at a young age, she finds she can do amazing, and sometimes scary, things with her hands. As she grew, she learned that not all was bad. She could use her hands for good. She is a vet with a healing touch. She soon meets Matt, and he answers questions that had plagued her for years.

She finally learns her truth. The path that follows her discovery is paved with action, danger, and temptation.

I enjoyed this story. It was a fun, action-packed, and animal-filled story. It was a wild ride from beginning to end. I absolutely love the relationship between Ally and Matt. They are so perfect together. When Zyriel is involved, I love the attitude of Matt. This story gave me giggles and kept me reading.

The only fault I had with this book is the ending. It felt like it was building up to a BIG climax. It was an okay way to end it, but I feel like it could have been more of a BOOM type of end. It felt anticlimactic.

Overall, I liked this story. It had fun and relatable (kind of) characters. It was full of romance, temptation, animals, and action.

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