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Stormi's Review: CONROY by Anna-Louise Dann


PUBLISHER: Anna-Louise Dann

RELEASED: October 25, 2019

GENRE: Romance, Suspense

LENGTH: 228 pages








It has been eight long years since that explosion ended my military career, leaving me with scars and night terrors I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Taking over as head P.I at Conroy investigations after my father's untimely death has given me back purpose and pulled me out of the black hole I had sunk into.

No infiltrating enemy lines, no more hearing the roar of machine guns. just cheating spouses and the occasional theft. A cell and a laptop as my weapons of choice.

Life had become monotonous.

Then she approached me looking for answers.

Isla Sussex, five foot five of heaven, I see a similar pain reflected in her eyes, I am drawn to her. For the first time in my life I want something more and it scares me more than death.

But, she needs my help, to find her missing fiancé.

Things aren't always as they seem

I have a feeling neither of us are coming out of this unscathed


This book follows Isla. A woman is working with Jamie Conroy, who is a PI, to find her missing fiancee. When the truth comes to light, her life is put in danger. Her fiancee is NOT who she believed him to be. The risk sparks the attraction between Isla and Jamie. It is so strong that the need to protect her as a client and as a woman is distracting. Soon this job becomes too much for both of them.

I found this book to be very gripping. The first few pages had me hooked to this story very quickly. It had action, danger, mystery, and a set of characters you can't help but love. Isla is an anxiety-filled chick and so easy to relate too. Jamie is one you hate to love. He's cocky, and at first, I didn't like him, but his soldier background makes him real to me. I can relate. My husband has dealt with many of the issues presented. I can understand him as a character.

This book was action-packed and fast-paced. It was one that I hated to put down. I read it ALMOST in one sitting...sorry...I have kids, haha!! I did enjoy this story. From the crazy characters to the action, to the very steamy romance...this book was excellent.

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