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Stormi's Review: Awakening Autumn (Unexpected Love #2) by Lora Richardson

Updated: Nov 18, 2019


PUBLISHER: Lora Richardson

RELEASED: July 20, 2019

GENRE: YA, Romance

LENGTH: 270 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback







Can reality be better than a daydream?

My overactive imagination has wrecked things for me again. Dreaming up the perfect boy and giving him Joe’s face was my first mistake, because he’s just not into me. I have been crushed by my crush, and that will not happen again. I’ve learned my lesson. Any guy interested in me is going to have to do all the daydreaming, all the yearning, and all the pursuing. I’ve set my heart on someone for the last time.

Enter Owen Anderson.

I’ve never been the object of someone’s desire, and that’s fine. It’s no big deal if I graduate high school without my first kiss. I’ll suffer through it if it means I don’t have to feel the sting of rejection again.

The first order of business is to make sure I don’t daydream about anyone, especially Owen Anderson. Owen, who finds me crying in the stairwell over Joe. Owen, who’s there when I learn I won’t be working with Greta and I’m afraid we’ll drift apart. Owen, who sees me at my most overwhelmed by my responsibilities to my family. Owen, who cannot possibly see me as anything other than a walking disaster.

Just once I’d like him to see me strong and capable with decent hair. Not that it would matter if he did, because he’s way out of my league, and I’m not going to let myself think of him in that way. Or think of him at all. Nope. No way. But he keeps showing up, and I keep wondering if maybe, just maybe, Owen sees something more in me than I think he sees.


In book one of this series, we meet Greta, her brother Joe, her boyfriend, her best friend Meredith, along with many others. In this book, we get a closer look at Meredith and her newest crush.

I love this series. Mrs. Richardson has a way with writing that brings magic to the pages. I have read this series so far and also the Juniper Series, and each story along the way tells a new tale. Tales of pain, loss, heartbreak, and romance are all present. These tales are real.

The character that is Meredith could be me. A loner, with hectic family life, and she is a reader, to boot. It was written about me, I swear. I loved this story so much. A new town calls for a new series. I can't wait to read more.

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