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Stormi's Review: 13 Dark Tales: Collection One by Michael R. Martin

Updated: May 20, 2020

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Michael R Martin RELEASED: October 1, 2016 GENRE: Horror, Short Story LENGTH: 224 pages FORMAT: eBook, Paperback


A shocking event on an evening train only revealed by hypnosis, a man driven to extremes to rid himself of nightmare neighbours, and a rural driving holiday stopped in its tracks by a mythical creature. Just three of the 13 Dark Tales, inspired by macabre urban myths and sinister folklore, in this first collection. Read them in the dark hours when they might call to mind a disturbing story you can’t quite place or a strange shape glimpsed from the corner of your eye; things you dismissed as too fantastic to take seriously but left nagging doubts, nonetheless. Some of them may be true. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

I love spooky quick tales, and this book gives you 13 awesome ones. From weird to downright spooky, each tale makes the reader think and gives a bit of a shock. I was able to read not only this collection but also collection 2. Each one brings its own unique set of tales that will frighten and keep you up reading.

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