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Sara's Review: Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) by Kristen Ashley

Updated: Nov 20, 2019


PUBLISHER: Audible Studios

NARRATOR: Tillie Hooper

RELEASED: June 21, 2016

GENRE: Fantasy, Romance

LENGTH: 19 hours and 19 minutes

FORMAT: eBook, Audible, Paperback







Seoafin “Finnie” Wilde was taught by her parents that every breath was a treasure and to seek every adventure she could find. And she learns this lesson the hard way when they perish in a plane crash. But she never forgets and when she discovers there is a parallel universe where every person has a twin, she finds a witch who can send her there so she can have the adventure of a lifetime.

But upon arrival in the Winter Wonderland of Lunwyn, she realizes she’s been played by her twin and finds herself walking down the aisle to be wed to The Drakkar.

Thrown into inauspicious circumstances, with years of practice, Finnie bests the challenges and digs into her adventure. But as Frey Drakkar discovers the woman who is his new wife is not Princess Sjofn, a woman he dislikes but instead, his Finnie, a free-spirit with a thirst for venture just like him, without her knowledge he orders his new bride bound to his frozen world, everlasting.

But at the same time Frey plunges Finnie into a web of political intrigue that includes assassination plots, poison, magic, mystery and… dragons.


I have read a lot of Kristen Ashley books, but this is the first Paranormal Romance/Fantasy series I have read by her. I honestly think this is her only one.

Finnie finds a rare opportunity to travel to another world and swap places with her “twin” there. It is agreed to happen for one year. Yet when she gets there, nothing is as it should have been.

I loved Finnie’s spirt in this book, and her kind takes charge, life is an adventure attitude was refreshing and very fun to listen too. Frey Drakkar, on the other hand, was a dark menacing presence, until she won him over. But then it only eased up a bit, I never did grasp the whole Frey/Drakkar thing, but it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the story.

I was surprised by the length of this audiobook. Over 19 hours! But I never got bored, I kept coming back for more and more and found myself sitting on the couch listening instead of reading any books. I enjoyed it that much.

The only negatives are with my pet peeve on some of KA writing habits. Especially the phrase “drew in breath,” I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does. She used it so much in the book, and every time I would yell, “A.” Drew in A breath. There are a few more that are more of a KA style or trademark. But this one makes me scream.

I Loved Wildest Dreams, and I am already moving on to book 2 in the series, and I can’t wait!

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