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Sara's Review: The Siren (Saga of the Chosen #3) by Petra Landon

Updated: May 20, 2020

APC PUBLISHER: Petra Landon RELEASED: March 30, 2020 GENRE: Fantasy, Thriller LENGTH: 472 pages FORMAT: eBook, Paperback


As they race to unearth the Magicks who control their future, Tasia’s house of cards comes crashing down. When Pandora’s Box is prised open, can the man who holds her heart push back the darkness …

Tasia is finally at home in San Francisco. Surrounded by powerful friends and like-minded allies, she's finding her feet in the Pack, contributing to the investigation and feeling her way with the fiercely guarded and daunting Alpha. But she has a major decision to make, one that goes to the root of who she is and the chains of history that hold her future hostage to the past.

The Oracle's interpretation of his prophecy raises uncomfortable questions about the allegiances of powerful Chosen. Lady Bethesda’s attempts to entice Faoladh to her side, the shadowy presence of an Archmage, the growing role of a powerful Vampire Master and the latent fissures among the Ancients force the team to reconsider their strategy. But a devastating bombshell tears apart a rock-solid partnership, just as Tasia is ready to break the shackles that bind her. As the past comes home to roost, the Alpha must grapple with the darkness he holds at bay. Can the Alpha conquer his demons or will the past color the present? 3.5 (FOUR) BOUNDLESS STARS

First and foremost, don’t do what I did and jump right into this book, expecting to remember everything that was going on. Its been two years I’ve read countless books in between, and there isn’t any recap. Landon warned about this in the forward to re-read The Rainmaker; however, I didn’t have time if I was going to make the deadline to finish the book. I voluntarily received a copy of The Siren to give it an honest review. I was trying to get the review done by the release day, then the Virus struck, and the world came to a halt. Doesn’t that sound like a book? I did not make it. With everything going on, I found it INCREDIBLY challenging to concentrate on reading and The Siren, which I already felt a bit lost because I didn’t re-read The Rainmaker. In almost every series I’ve read, there seems to be one book that is “character building.” The plot doesn’t move or if it does just slightly, but we get a whole lot of insight into each of the characters and their backstory and their thoughts, motivations, and feelings. It has never been my favorite book because I feel that it is a waste. I’m not too fond of books that don’t progress the plot. The Siren introduced the 3rd sister, but she hasn’t hooked up yet with Tasia or the pack. Although I do like her story, there isn’t a lot of progressions other than building her character and the character of ElMorad. The investigating team finally gets their hands on the actual Prophecy, but again it is doesn’t do anything for them other than bring more speculation. Tasia doesn’t do much in the story other than build on her relationship with the Alpha, and I was in love with every scene they had together. I will admit that London ripped my heart out and crushed it a bit at the end. I was crying and reading. Unfortunately, that only happened in the very last part of the book. Up until then, I was not overly engaged with the story. My advice re-read the Rainmaker before you start The Siren, or if you are just discovering this series welcome, start from the beginning and go back and read book 1 The Prophecy. The Siren is the 3rd part of an unfinished story, and even though it wasn’t my favorite of the three books, I still enjoyed it overall. Landon has weaved a very intricate mystery, and all the pieces are starting to come together. It is just a matter of how they are going to land. I believe Tasia is the key to everything, and the Alpha is a fool, but most men are. I can’t wait for the next installment, and I hope it isn’t another two years away. I am giving The Siren 3.5 Boundless stars.

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