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Sara's Review: The Promise (Neighbor from Hell #10) by R.L. Mathewson

Updated: May 25, 2020


NARRATOR: Fran Jules RELEASED: October 22, 2019 GENRE: Romance LENGTH: 8 hours and 11 minutes FORMAT: eBook, Audible


Reed Bradford and Joey Lawson's story

How far would you go to keep a promise?

Reed Bradford never should have made that promise.

He’d barely survived the first time around, but now she was back, his best friend’s little sister, his one-time neighbor, and the woman that he never should have promised to protect. He never should have done a lot of things, like cross that line, but once he did…

There was no turning back.

Joey Lawson always had a plan, but unfortunately, mostly for her, sometimes those plans backfired. On her. This time would be no different. After the unfortunate incident that she felt was better not to think about, she found herself doing the one thing that she’d never survive.

Falling in love with a Bradford. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

This is absolutely one of my favorite series to listen to on audiobook. It is just so delicious. There is just something about those Bradford boys and listening to them go out of their mind for a woman they hate/lust/love. It just brings such joy to my life. In The Promise, it is a mutual Hate/Hate from young childhood to adulthood with Joey and Reed. Joey, a child genius (think young Sheldon but clumsier), is the thorn in Reed's side since she and her brother Jackson moved in next door as kids and Reed decides it's his job to look out for Joey when her brother isn't. Joey and Reed finally give in to their mutual attraction after they can't fight it anymore. It was hilarious processes at times and others full of sexual tension. Then add in the Bradford food quirk, so much audiobook goodness going on. I do have an unanswered question, what did Joey do to Reed to make him so angry? It has something to do with Youtube, but I don't remember if it was featured in another book. Can someone help me out? I loved listening to The Promise on Audiobook, and I truly hope Mathewson continues to publish them in this format.

It is my favorite, and I look forward to each and every book. I am rating this one 5 Stars, and it was full of so much yummy Bradford Goodness. Thank you, R.L. Mathewson, for the family tree on your website, that was so helpful and just what I need to keep this large family straight.

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