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Sara's Review: The New King (Galactic Order #5) by Erin Raegan


PUBLISHER: Erin Raegan

RELEASED: July 30, 2019

GENRE: SciFi, Fantasy, Romance

LENGTH: 201 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback








It’s been a long time since I felt safe. Too long. You would think after all I’ve been through at the hands of an alien monster it would be difficult for me to live near them.

That it would be difficult to live under their roof. To sleep near them. To eat their food. To talk to them. The Dahk may not be the Juldo, but they are still alien to me. They are frightening and different from me. They look, talk, and move differently than me. They are monsters in their own way. But I’ve lived through horrors, both outside of my world and inside it. For the first time in my life, I’m starting to feel safe. I’m living amongst an alien race on a frozen world, lightyears away from my old home. But I can breathe without wanting to hold it in. I can open my eyes without wanting to claw them out. I can live without terror clawing at my heels. And that is because of the Dahk.

Their king is arrogant and infuriating, and I can’t stand him. But he would never raise a hand to me. He would never lock me away in a cage.

We may not be able to speak to each other without shouting. Or look at each other without a glare. But he is safety and comfort and it’s not long before I need him. It’s not long before I’m running to him faster than I ever ran from him. It not long before he is my world, and I am his.

It’s not long at all.


This is one of my favorite sci-fi romance series right now. The alien world is so vivid, and the characters are dynamic and real. Mona was the pet of the Juldo Master and abused beyond reason. After being rescued in Juldo Made she trying to keep a very low profile among the Dahk.

When King Uthyf needs information form Mona about her captivity the attraction he has towards her only builds because he sees her for the strong woman she is.

“No female who is gutless could have survived as you have. You are fire. Now burn him with it.”

I loved the story of Mona and Uthyf. She has been through so much and survived. He is her reward, as a strong alpha king to take care of her and take those burdens. My heart fluttered.

I am rating The New King (Galactic Order #5) 5 Boundless stars, and I can’t wait for more

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