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Sara's Review: Spellbound & Hellhounds (Coven Chronicles #1) by Nia Rose


PUBLISHER: Poisoned Apple Publishing

NARRATOR: Alex Goodman

RELEASED: December 02, 2019

GENRE: Paranormal Fantasy

LENGTH: 6 hours and 35 minutes

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback, Audible







Witches and wizards and spells, oh my! Enter the world of Raen, turn left at the land of dragons, and you’ll find yourself in the country of Aeristria. A place overflowing with magic and creatures that were once only heard of in fairy-tales. In the heart of Aeristria is the capital city, Tolvade. Here you will find shops and taverns, laughter and fun, runesmiths looking for their next job and sneaky pickpocketing imps. Steer clear of the galloping gang of centaurs and you will see the headquarters of the prestigious Coven. Within the Coven’s lower ranks, you’ll find Vanessa, a third year Hunter itching to become a Spellweaver. Her and her trusted demon partner, Botobolbilian, must investigate an explosion at the academy and bring the culprit responsible in. Easy job, right? Wrong. Vanessa and her partner find that this investigation runs deep in black magic and sprinkled with feral demon summonings. With countless lives on the line, Vanessa struggles with self-doubt and following her heart (and laws) as she tries to right the wrongs of these heinous criminals and bring them to justice before they do anymore harm. But, with an oncoming yearly blizzard just days away, is it too late? Even with all the magic, spells, and power on Raen, this job might be the last that this duo ever faces…


I voluntarily received an audiobook in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

I am beginning to think I am a huge fuddy-duddy, or I am getting way too old. I thought Spellbound & Hellhounds was extremely cute and written perfectly for a younger teen audience, say the 13 age range.

However, when the word lover is thrown around instead of a boyfriend. It makes me pause. I am not sure why the word lover has always bothered me so much, but a lover to me implies sex. Sex isn't in this book since it is for such a young audience, so the word boyfriend would have been better suited. There were a few other things that I thought went a little to mature, but then I have to think of the times and what's on tv, social media, and the norm. So yes, I am a fuddy-duddy. But the word lover still shouldn't have been in this book, in my opinion.

I enjoyed the overall story, the quick pace, and all the characters, especially Bobo, he was my favorite. This world that Rose has invented is new, exciting, full of magic, wonder, and many surprises. I was entertained and delighted throughout. It is for a younger audience, but it is pure joy and light to listen to as an adult.

I am rating Spellbound & Hellhounds 4.5 Boundless stars, just because it tweaked my old sensibilities a bit for the age group it is written for. But what do I know?

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