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Sara's Review: Sixx (Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #4) by Cara Bristol


PUBLISHER: Cara Bristol

RELEASED: September 26, 2019

GENRE: SciFi, Romance

LENGTH: 167 pages








She wants a man who’s got her six… He needs a mate with enough moxie to leave Earth…

Software developer Moxie Maguire has a BIG dream—save enough money to start her own video game company. That’s why she logs fourteen hours days working for an obnoxious boss. But when life seems to be passing her by, she sets another goal—meet Mr. Right, a man who can support her dream. She joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency and is matched with a hot and horned alien named…Sixx. Sexy as heck, a good listener, family-oriented—he’s the perfect man to share a life with.

If only that life was on Earth.

Sixx has a dream, too. Find a mate, settle down, and raise kits. With females in short supply on his planet, this single dad heads for Earth to get a female and get back to Dakon and his young son. The instant he meets Moxie, he recognizes she’s his Fated Mate. They’re meant to be together.

But he won’t abandon his child. And, unfortunately, his planet has even fewer computers than females. One for the entire planet, to be exact.

Will two Fated Mates have to part? Or can they find a way to work it out?

Sixx is a stand-alone read in the Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides series. You can read the books out of order.

(Intergalactic Dating Agency)


I find it hard to truly invest in a character when I have zero in common with them. Other than the occasional game on my phone I haven’t played video games since my Miss Pack Man on my Atari. Oh, boy, did I just date myself?

Our heroine in this story Moxie is a video game designer who wants it all. Love, career, family but the men on earth suck so she has tried her luck with the Intergalactic Dating Agency.

Sixx has come to earth looking for his fated mate, but because of his young son on Dakon, he will need to return once he finds her.

I had a tough time connecting with Moxie, and I got her wanting her career and her dream. But I don’t think she was prepared for how intense being with a Dakonian is. When they have determined that you are their mate, they are ready to settle down. There is no dating or divorce in their culture.

The mystery in this one was predictable only because the bad guy was really the only other character it could have been.

Sixx was not my favorite in the series, and it feels a little to wash rinse repeat to me. I do still enjoy the Dakonians.

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