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Sara's Review: Pythen Blessing (Galactic Order #6) by Erin Raegan


PUBLISHER: Erin Raegan

RELEASED: October 29, 2019

GENRE: SciFi, Romance

LENGTH: 211 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback








My life is unrecognizable. I live on an alien planet. I talk to aliens. They’re my friends, my protectors. There is no familiarity to home. The landscape is alien. The sky is alien. Everywhere I look reminds me that I am an impossible distance away from everything I’ve ever known. But I’m safe here. Safer here than I would be anywhere else. Safe still, even though there are those that would see me dead before they accepted me into their world. We’ve been attacked and mocked and endured their hatred and indifference. But things are changing. They are starting to accept us. At least I had hoped they were. How wrong we were. Now I’m on the run. A coward wearing courage like a mask. If it weren’t for him and his brothers, I would have been long dead. But he keeps me protected and safe and sees through my mask and to the heart of my cowardice and loves me despite it.


I am the king’s interrogator. I am the sword for his revenge. The wrath for his justice. My brothers and I do his will with honor. Ever loyal to my Dahk, my king, and the throne. Never have I balked at a task. Never have I lamented my place in his kingdom. Not until her. Now I fear her judgement. Now I fear she will look upon me with terror. Now I fear she will curse the ancestors for joining us while I feel nothing but elation and pride. They have given me a gift. A kind, courageous, loving gift. Though I know I do not deserve her, I cannot deny her. I refuse to give her back. She is mine. She has always been mine. And when they come for her, I will stop at nothing to get her back. I will stop at nothing to make all those that seek her harm beg for my mercy. And I will smile upon them as I deny it.


I loved this book and devoured it in one day. Lydia takes courageous to the next level. She was terrified, yet she did what was right to save a baby. I want to be Lydia when I grow up.

I loved how Reagan gave us pieces of previous characters, and we got to see where their lives are now. To me, that is so important in this type of series. I hate it when I am invested in a couple and several books down the road, I have no idea what it is happening with them because the author has moved on to new couples. I love that Reagan didn’t do that.

I loved how Pythen Blessing was so much different, form the rage and how Ignyt was able to control it since Lydia was in so much danger to how Lydia responded to the mating. It was a refreshing new spin on the series.

I am looking forward to the next installment, but I genuinely hope it isn’t the last because I love this world and all the characters, and I want either a new series/spinoff with the Xixin. I hope Reagan gives that to us. Fingers crossed. I am rating Pythen Blessing 5 Boundless Stars, I loved it, and I can’t wait for more.

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