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Sara's Review: Nero Awakening (Neron Rising Saga #3) by Keary Taylor

Updated: Nov 3, 2019


PUBLISHER: Keary Taylor Book, INC

RELEASED: January 15, 2019

GENRE: SciFi, Romance

LENGTH: 124 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Audio, Paperback







The Bahiri are real and Nova has found them hidden away on an invisible planet. With their help, she’s finally ready to accept what she is: a Nero. She has to train, to learn how to use her abilities, and she’s got years’ worth of catching up to do. Desperate, she’ll push herself—possibly beyond her limits.

But learning how to use her abilities not only awakens her capability to control Neron, but her power to see the future. Going to sleep is a nightmare and heaven, all in the same breath. Her future hasn’t changed—it’s still with Valen Nero, standing and ruling by his side. Every morning she wakes, gutted and alone. Her visions of the love between them aren’t real. At least…not yet.

Nova is losing her mind. Her heart is fractured, and conflicted into knots. How is she supposed to let him go, to walk away from the galaxy’s second cruelest man, when she knows what kind of love they could have?

The time for a choice has come: stay on Salypso where it’s safe, where Cyrillius will never find her. Or take what she has learned as a Nero and try to change her future, and that of the galaxy.


Nova and her companions finally find the mysterious Bahiri, and with them comes safety and training for Nova. She is a very late bloomer when it comes to her powers, and she is years behind.

Yet she is desperate for the love she has seen in the future with Valen, yet she can’t be with him. Not, if it leads to the future, she has seen

“Valen Nero is an evil man. So I can’t be in love with him.”

She needs to train hard, learn her powers, and change the future.

Nero Awakening was a great character-building story. It gives us time for Nova to grow into her powers and divine her purpose. It also adds a lot of insight into this larger world that Taylor has built.

Once again, I am rating it 5 Boundless stars, and I am moving on to the next installment.

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