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Sara's Review: Kord (Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #5) by Cara Bristol


PUBLISHER: Cara Bristol

RELEASED: October 17, 2019

GENRE: Scifi, Romance, Aliens

LENGTH: 152 pages








Barb Quintain seems to have it together. She owns the hottest restaurant in town, lives in a fabulous luxury apartment, and has a personality as big as the state of Texas. But outward confidence conceals old wounds as big as Texas, too. She hides behind success, fearing that someone will discover what she’s really like—a fake, a fraud, all broth and no beans.


In Kord, Kord comes to Earth and joins the IDA (intergalactic Dating Agency) To find his fated mate. He has been on date after date, and nothing is working out. It turns out his brother filled out his application and filled it out in a way that he thought would appeal to Earth women. So poor Kord is getting set up with nothing but gold diggers. When his latest date ends in disaster, he finds himself in the presence of his fated mate, his waitress at a barbeque restaurant.

Barb, who we met in the last book Sixx, sees Kord in her restaurant, and it is an instant attraction. Yet Kord being the friendly guy/alien he pitches in to help Barb in the busy restaurant and asks for a job. Barb feels like she can't date him because he is now her employee.

Barb drove me nuts. She was also a member of the IDA and complaining because none of her dates worked out. Yet when she finds a man/alien that wants to form a lasting relationship with her, she pushes him away. Why is she in the IDA if she isn't looking for a relationship?

I don't think I will be continuing with this series at this point. It is just feeling too much like wash rinse repeat. As much as I love the Dakonian's it's their mates and their ridiculous reluctance to commit that drives me nuts. You are on Earth, where your chances of landing a human man are almost zero.

This is your chance for love and a relationship. Oh wait, let's be a fussy, unrealistic, unreasonable, selfish, emotionally damaged woman who can't accept a good thing when she finds it. Oh yeah, and he is wealthy beyond all comprehension, great looking, and madly in love with you. Oh no! You don't want that, You're not good enough!

Ugh, I skimmed. I couldn't stand Barb.

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