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Sara's Review: Hunted (Defy the Ravaged Book 3) by E.M. Raegan



RELEASED: December 30, 2019

GENRE: Fantasy, Romance

LENGTH: 112 pages








We’ve stumbled into a situation I’m not sure we’ll find our way out of. We’ve done something that may result in the end of our race across the country. Our race to safety.

But safety is an elusive dream. I can’t see it or touch it. I’m not sure it exists. But what else are we to do? What else is there to reach for? The ravaged have taken over our home and threatened our survival. All we can do is run, and search, and pray we find a place to rest our heads.

But we’re nowhere near finding it. If it’s not the ravaged, it’s other threats that keep us from finding anything to hold onto.

Psychos, biters, misguided intentions. Our own demons mocking us. We’re being hunted. Chased from all directions. All we can do is continue this never-ending race for survival and hope nothing catches our tiring strides.

But we’re tripping over every obstacle and barreling into every wrong decision.

Because this isn’t the end, but it feels like we’ve already lost.


I have so many mixed feelings about this book and series because it has so many identities. First, it is a post-apocalyptic zombie tale; second, it is a biker romance; third, it is a stalker, mystery, and thriller. It is a lot! I feel like I am reading Reagan’s work amid an ADD episode. There is just too much going on, and it does not flow seamlessly. What is the stories focus? The bikers? The zombies? The psycho stalker?

I thought we were done with the stalker in the last book, but no, here he comes again, and to be honest, it just ruins the story for me. Enough is going on trying to survive the apocalypse on a motorcycle of all things (which seems silly to me). Then let’s throw in a crazy stalker who can corral zombies perfectly and strategically to do his stalking for him — eye roll.

I don’t hate this story or Willow, however her damsel in distress act one second, then I’m a badass next is getting annoying. I honestly don’t understand her appeal for Jay. I am feeling kind of meh about it right now, but it ended on such a cliffhanger I want to know what comes next.

I am giving Hunted (Defy the Ravaged Book 3) Three Boundless Stars.

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