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Sara's Review: Heart of Shadows (Alice Worth #5) by Lisa Edmonds


PUBLISHER: City Owl Press

RELEASED: March 17, 2020

GENRE: Paranormal Romance

LENGTH: 510 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback







Mage private investigator Alice Worth must solve the most difficult case of her career: her own.

A magic-induced bloodbath during a Vampire Court gala leaves Alice and her boyfriend, alpha werewolf Sean Maclin, wounded. Alice and her ghost sidekick Malcolm reluctantly agree to investigate the deadly supernatural attack. When they vanish without a trace, Sean, his pack, and the Court form an uneasy alliance to locate them. Days later, Sean finds Alice on the side of the road far from home, with no memory and no magic—and no sign of Malcolm.

For Sean, Alice’s condition means starting over with the woman he loves. For Alice, it’s a chance to escape painful memories of her violent past, but she knows she needs her power back before her enemies learn she’s vulnerable. To find Malcolm and her stolen magic, she and Sean team up with his pack, a white witch, the Court, and a pair of dangerous black witches. Their investigation unearths an ancient vendetta and a shadowy enemy so powerful and ruthless, no one involved—most of all Alice—will ever be the same.


I think this was my favorite book in the series.

I loved how it started with Alice not knowing who she was and having to unravel the mystery. I honestly think this was the first book in the series where the POV changed from Alice to Sean, and I loved it. Edmonds blended the past and the present seamlessly, and the story was so cohesive I was engrossed and couldn’t put it down.

This book was an incredible journey for Alice.

Her memories and magic have been stripped away, yet she remains who she is down to her core. Without her tragic memories clouding her judgment, she is finally able to let down her guard a finally let Sean and the pack in. She also realizes that Charles is not her friend.

“you aren’t a better person because you’ve had your memories stolen. You’re a better person because you’re allowing Sean and your pack to fight for you. You finally believe you’re worthy of Sean’s love, and you’re not allowing your past trauma to dictate your present actions.”

Alice is so torn by stories of who she was compared to who she is now; she contemplates not retrieving her memories.

“We can’t truly appreciate the light unless we have also known darkness.”

I loved this entire book.

The direction Edmonds went with it was an utter surprise but one I was thrilled with. I can’t wait to see what happens next to Alice. I am giving Heart of Shadows 5 Boundless Stars!

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