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Sara's Review: Gypsy Truths (All The Pretty Monsters #6) by Kristy Cunning


PUBLISHER: Kristy Cunning

RELEASED: August 30, 2019

GENRE: Fantasy, Romance

LENGTH: 589 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Audible, Paperback







After spending the vast majority of my life lonely, I came to this town to find answers about my mother, and instead, stumbled upon a secret society full of monsters I never knew existed outside of dark tales.

Now I've built a sanctuary, gotten in the middle of an ages-old feud between various monster factions, and somehow ended up with an ancient, queen-like tyrant targeting me, because my life sucks sometimes.

I don't know how these things keep happening to me. They just do.

Tensions keep climbing, and everyone's on edge while waiting and watching to see what Idun Neopry does next.

In the midst of all that, the secrets spill, the lies unravel, and the half-truths finally come to full fruition. It's been one hellish snowball ride to make it this far, and I'm mostly ready for anything that comes next.

That's a lie, actually. But I'd like for it to be the truth. For now, hoping for the best is all I have. Well, I guess that's a lie too. Hope's not all I have.

I also have a Van Helsing, who can slay a small army without wrinkling his shirt. Then there's a Morpheous, who can toy with my mind in ways I never imagined. I've got a wolf, who makes it a goal to keep me human-ish. And there's a vampire, who enjoys killing and stabbing.

Ancient alphas, old vendettas, super-complicated histories, mass-death threats, and a lot of personal baggage. That's become a Tuesday morning coffee break to me by now.

Like I said, my life sucks sometimes.


My biggest problem I have had with this series and ones like it is there are zero recaps of what has happened. Gypsy Truths picks up where Gypsy rising left off; however, I’ve read 86 books between those two, and the details get fuzzy with so many books in between. That is why I NEED a recap.

Now that this series is finished (I think), it could be better enjoyed for readers like me who don’t remember every little detail when they have too many books floating in their heads. You can read all the books back to back.

One thing I do feel is that this book could use a little more polish, sometimes it just moves so fast and not in a good way. It makes it hard to connect with the characters. I still have trouble with the jumping POV each chapter. I forget who’s POV we are on unless it’s Violet. Maybe that’s just me not paying attention? I will admit I felt lost a lot of the time.

The guys were confused, and I was confused, the big battle made no sense, I still love Anna, but I was confused by the “Tyler Durden” type reveal. Did Cunning plan this from the beginning or did unfold organically? because, to be honest, this felt like a jumble of a big hot mess battle. The only saving grace was Violet getting her men.

There are things I loved, Violet, Anna, the men, something I did not, the “big reveal,” the crazy battle, the “ghosts/personalities.”

Overall I am not sure how to feel other than confused. I am rating this on 2.5 Boundless stars.

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