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Sara's Review: Fortune's Fool: A Dark War Novelby Angela Addams


PUBLISHER: Weird Sister Press

RELEASED: March 11, 2019

GENRE: Paranormal, Romance

LENGTH: 307 pages

FORMAT: Ebook, Paperback







Mercenary. Vampire Hunter. All around supernatural herder. That’s me. You find yourself on my capture list and it’s as good as done.

Consider that a personal guarantee from Jet Black.

The current job is to find the witch who was supposed to save the world and end The Dark War. Unfortunately, she’s on Vampire Island, a notorious prison for I’ve helped fill.

Once there, I’m forced to team up with some other particular a certain lynx shifter, Jason, to whom I owe my life. Can’t seem to keep my hands off him either.

So here’s the problem...I’ve got a spell to get me and the witch off the island—a one way ticket for two. It’s a death sentence for Jason if I leave him behind. But it’s a death sentence for all of us if I don’t. I have to choose between my heart and the fate of the world. All because some sketchy little witch couldn’t do the one thing she was born to do.

Saving the world can’t be that hard, can it?

I guess that’s for me to decide.


I voluntarily received a copy of Fortune's Fool; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I just read The Dark War, the prequel or Book 1 in this series and was so entranced in the world that Addams built. I was looking forward to starting Fortune's Fool. Then I start and its ten years in the future and Kali's gone crazy and a Vampire Hunter Jet is hired to track her down and bring her back so she can fulfill her prophecy that was foretold in The Dark War.

I am a bit, no a lot OCD when it comes to my books. I don't read them out of order, and I don't like books that start in the middle or the end and work their way backward. I don't like movies that do it either. That What Fortune's Fool Does, it takes Kali's story that was geared up and ready to go, hell probably three books to get to the point where Fortune's Fool is at or at least one and cuts all that off and summarizes what has happened in the last ten years. But this only occurs after the half waypoint. I will be honest. I stopped reading this and almost DNF'd because I was so disappointed. I wanted Kali's story. I felt cheated.

After I got over it, I decided to give the book another go. I did enjoy Jet, she is a great character and had I not read the Dark War first I would have probably Loved Jet's story. I just felt so cheated that Kali's story was summed up and cut short.

I understood it when I read the letter that Addams wrote about the publisher closing and wanting to continue the series. And she felt this was the best way to do that. But as an OCD reader that wants the entire story, every nuance and detail. I wanted to know how Kali became not invisible. I wanted to know what happened to Billy, how the marriage vows were broken. I want all those details — not just a rough summary.

For me, Fortune's Fool was a disappointment. It would have been one thing if it was a complete standalone. But it's not. It moves the plot of The Dark War 10 years in the future and completely summarizes everything that happens to Kali and takes what could have been a monumental battle and moment and minimizes it.

I like Jet and Jason, but I was so disappointed with the direction of this series. I wanted an urban fantasy that spanned books and its hard to swallow disappointment. It's like when the author kills off your favorite character.

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