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Sara's Review: Flying in Spaceships with Aliens (Kilbus Lord #2) by Erin Raegan


PUBLISHER: Erin Raegan

RELEASED: June 6, 2020

GENRE: Sci Fi, Aliens

LENGTH: 260 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback







I once had what I thought were small dreams. Dreams that I was never sure if I would have the chance to pursue. Even so, I had been content. Happy. Or so I thought.

All that changed when Killian entered my life. But just as quickly as he lifted me up, he shoved me down so far I didn’t think I would ever have the strength to find myself again.

Now those dreams that I had thought so small and possible had been ripped from me. Everything had been ripped from me. Gone was the possibility and contentment. Nothing but pain and destruction lay in its wake.

But fate wasn’t done playing with me just yet. It had one more cruel trick up its sleeve.

He was looking for me now. Scouring the earth for me. Love and pain dueled together, dragging us kicking and screaming back to one another.

I may be hidden now, but once he found me, I knew I wasn’t ever getting away from him again.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even try.

Because my small dreams were growing into something big. Bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. And every single one of them was fueled and held close by the very alien that had crushed them before.


This book can be read as a stand-alone. However, it is much better if you read it after Playing Cards With Aliens. The first book in this series is where most of the character-building happens.

However, this series is part of a larger book universe, The Galactic order, which I highly recommend.

In Flying in Spaceships with Aliens, we pick up almost a year after book one ends. I don't want to get into it too much because if I do, it will spoil the ending of book 1, which does end in a cliffhanger. Let's say life has drastically changed for Theo and her family and not in a good way, and it is getting ready to get much, much worse.

Hang on to your hat; you are in for a wild ride.

So why not five stars? I didn't fall into the story like I did the first book. Maybe because I know what happens to earth, due to the fact it happens in Galactic order. I'm not sure.

Theo became a damsel in distress, which I didn't care for much, and I honestly wanted to see her stand up to her brother. Also, I wouldn't say I liked how Killian muzzled his impulses to appease Theo; it was annoying.

I am looking forward to continuing to explore this world, as Reagan writes more and more books. I have so much fun with it and all the characters. I am rating this on 4 Boundless stars; it was great fun.

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