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Sara's Review: Don't Tempt Me (Nora Jacobs #4) by Jackie May


PUBLISHER: Bluefields

RELEASED: January 18, 2020

GENRE: Fantasy, Romance

LENGTH: 234 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Audible







Something is wrong with Nora. There’s a darkness inside her that she can’t seem to control. As she and her men search for answers to her siren’s dark nature, someone puts out a hit on her clan. Now, mercenaries from all over are trying to kill them. On top of all that, Nora must take on her first official case for the FUA. Someone is stealing mythical creatures, and they need to be stopped before they can steal the magic of the world’s most powerful underworlders.

This is the 4th and final book in the Nora Jacobs series.


I read book 3 of this series almost a year and a half ago, so not everything in the story was fresh in my mind. However, the story was easy to pick right back up, and I didn’t feel lost. I remembered all the key players and who the bad guy was.

One thing I love in my books is a kick-ass chick, one thing I don’t care for is the damsel in distress who cries at every turn.

I don’t remember the three previous books being as bad as Don’t Tempt Me, but Nora was forever crying and relying on her men when she is one of the most powerful beings. I found it annoying. I also was disappointed with the lackluster love scenes in the book. This is a reverse harem paranormal romance about a Siren with five mates, and we get meh, almost not existent love scenes. I’m not sure what is worse, what we got or a fade to black.

The storyline was OK, predictable, but OK. I would have liked to see Nora conquer her dark side on her own or continue struggling with it and see where it took us. But Jackie May tied the ending of Nora Jacobs up with book 4. I am giving It 3 Boundless stars, It was entertaining but not my favorites.

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