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Sara's Review: Claimed by the Horde King (Horde Kings Of Dakkar #2) by Zoey Draven


PUBLISHER: Zoey Draven

RELEASED: December 24, 2019

GENRE: Sci Fi, Romance

LENGTH: 270 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Audible







She broke their laws. Now, he has come to punish her…

In my human settlement on the hostile plains of Dakkar, I am an outcast, a strange girl orphaned since birth, alone, and dreaming of a life I don't have. I hunt to survive, though it is forbidden, though it breaks the strict Dakkari laws that we all must follow.

When my desperate actions catch the attention of a Dakkari horde king—a cold, powerful, and merciless warrior leader, with eyes like flint and a body like steel—he seeks to punish me…and he succeeds.

But then he does the unexpected.

Instead of taking my life, he claims me as his own.

He steals me from my village and brings me back to his battle-bred horde. There, I warm his bed. I make bargains with him on starry, cold nights. I look into his grey eyes and see not a monster, but a demon king who captures my soul.

But demons have a way of never letting go…and as the cold season descends upon Dakkar, I begin to wonder if I even want him to, even when it hurts.


I fell in love with Nelle and her story.

She is such a lonely broken soul, yet strong and still a fighter despite what her miserable life has given her.

That is why when the Horde King punishes her for hunting, he recognizes her soul and takes her back to his camp.

“He was stripping my numbness away, making me feel too much. I’d never felt closer to death than right then. I’d never felt closer to life either. It was strange. A strange combination that swirled in my brain along with the pain and the realization that if I had a choice, this wasn’t the life I wanted.”

Nelle’s journey from starved, broken women to a strong health one with an inner strength that burns so bright was magnificent to read. I loved seeing the Horde King brought to his knees.

This story made me so emotional as a sat reading and weeping, a rare thing for me.

It was so devastating at times yet so fantastic at others. I loved it. I am rating Claimed by The Horde King 5 Boundless Stars

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