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Sara's Review: At All Cost by Katerina Winters


PUBLISHER: Katerina Winters

RELEASED: December 21, 2019

GENRE: Erotica

LENGTH: 138 pages








Standing alone in the middle of the Oregon woods, Alessia Conners was officially out of options.

With no money, no family, and no friends to turn to Alessia has little hope of escaping the predator in her home without doing something--drastic. All she wanted was a safe place to call home. With a tent and some camping gear, she is determined to find refuge and a new start to life in the peaceful woods of Oregon.

There was something in his woods, something that didn't belong.

Jax Beranek is a rugged, mean recluse whose powerful presence and sharp tongue hide a damaged man who has given up on the world. He is a man that doesn't need or want anyone. He has his cabin, his peace and quiet, and above all else is solitude. So when he happens to find some young woman sorely unprepared and close to getting herself killed in his woods he gives her a hard but fair choice: leave with his aid or leave tied and gagged over his shoulder, but either way she was leaving his damn forest.

It was the pain though, that familiar soul-wrenching pain he recognized all too well inside the lonely, sad-eyed woman that struck at a cord of compassion he didn't know he possessed.

But his help wouldn't be free--he was going to put the little vagabond to work.

With her days filled with hard work, back and forth bickering and her nights filled with exhausted sleep in Jax's safe, cozy cabin, Alessia could finally for the first time in months breathe easy and forget about the monster in her past.

If only the monster would forget about her.


I voluntarily received a copy of At All Cost, in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There are times when you click with a character that you feel her emotions on a deep soul level. That is how I felt with Alessia. I felt her pain, and I understood her plight. The only thing I wish the author gave us was her age. I knew she was an adult, but I am guessing a very young one, maybe 19.

I was loving the story until we got to the end, then it just fell apart for me. “Spoilers here so be warned,” First Winters built so much sexual tension between Alessia and Jax and also built Alessia up to be a very naïve inexperienced woman/girl. Who is suffering from past trauma. Yet when they finally get together, she turns into an experienced sex kitten who is a sexual submissive. UMMM, it didn’t fit the rest of the story.

Then there is the build-up with Gary, and I was expecting a huge altercation with him and Jax and, of course, for Jax to save the day. Instead, Jax turns into Dexter. WTF! There is a reason all the town people are afraid of him, and I am not sure if I want Alissia alone with a psycho.

I am rating At all Cost 4 Boundless Stars because I really loved it up until the hookup. Which was hot but didn’t fit Aliessia’s character, in my opinion.

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