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New Release: Surgebound (Storm Rising Saga, #1) by Celeste Griffith & Ramona Carter


Storm Rising #1

Young Adult/Paranormal Romance


They disappeared, and her power is rising. Noa is enjoying one last summer in her beachside hometown before leaving for college when a series of strange occurrences forces her to question everything she thinks she knows about herself, her family, and her future.

When her best friend instantly recovers from a near-fatal accident, the long-cold investigation into her family's disappearance is reopened, and a mysteriously alluring new family comes to town, Noa's surging power threatens to consume her. When a captivating stranger begins pursuing Noa, she wonders if his feelings are real – or stem from something potentially more dangerous. As Noa struggles to untangle the increasingly strange occurrences around her and control her rising power, she realizes that her safety – and the safety of those she loves – may be in more danger than she ever imagined.

Secrets don't stay submerged forever.

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About the Author

Celeste Griffith lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she writes paranormal young adult romances and works as a voiceover artist and audiobook narrator (under a different name). She's read everything ever written by Octavia Butler, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Ann Patchett. She has often wondered whether there were paranormal influences involved during her teenage years, particularly during certain romances. It would make a lot of sense

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