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Lissa's Review: The Trade by Meghan Quinn


PUBLISHER: Meghan Quinn

RELEASED: March 16, 2020

GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Sports









Can you pinpoint a time in your life where you realized you are completely and utterly screwed? I can. I got the dreaded phone call, the one every baseball player hopes and prays never comes. I was traded. Yeah, that phone call. Traded from my long time team of over ten years. And not just to any team, but my childhood rivals; the Chicago Rebels. Completely and utterly screwed, right? Wrong. The trade was the least of my concerns. I met a girl. Natalie. Man, she's perfect. I swore I would never get involved with anyone during the season. Too complicated. But can you believe I have zero restraint when it comes to this girl? I couldn't get her out of my head and the more I talked to her, the more I realized I needed her in my life. So what's the problem? Why am I screwed? Because, Natalie, the girl I can't stop crushing on, yeah . . . she's married. At least, that's what I was told . . .


Cory Potter... What a genuine man, he is caring and hardworking. But he doesn't feel that he should share any issues that weigh him down, which may be his only downfall. Natalie is a woman whose been in a relationship since she was a teenager. Married her High School sweetheart and thought that would be it. And she was okay with that. Until that plan was non-existent, it's a hard pill to swallow for her. But she has to get through it. When these two meet, it's entertaining, and you can tell that they have a connection from the start. I loved this story because it shows the reality of relationships. They may not always work out. But also you might get that happy ending. This isn't a read where everything works out; there are bumps in the road. I loved Natalie's friend Monica; she was hilarious, and Jason, as always, was fun. Every book that Quinn writes I feel is just better and better. She's grown as a writer and the way her stories make you feel. You feel it in your heart. Overall, Five Boundless Stars

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