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Lissa's Review: Boss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn


PUBLISHER: Meghan Quinn

RELEASED: January 23, 2020

GENRE: Contemporary Romance









"Will you do me the greatest honor of all time and be my bridegroom?” she asks, hope in her eyes . . .

How did I get here? My assistant, bent on one knee, holding my hand, her expectant face waiting for an answer.

Just . . . how?

How did I go from being insulted by Charlee Cox to hiring her to be my assistant? How is it that she’s chaos in color - making me crazy and my life better at the same time?

I never thought I would be staring down at her bright blue eyes begging me to go along with this ridiculous scheme I suggested.

Yes, I suggested. Like the idiot I am, I thought hey, why not start an HR nightmare and have my assistant ask me to marry her?

Confused? Don’t worry, so am I.

But try to follow along, because this is how I became Boss Man Bridegroom.


Ok, Ok, I think this one is my favorite. Rath gosh, my heart, and Charlee. They are so great together. I haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time. I’m not telling you why nope. You have to read it yourself, and you will not at all regret it.

Rath the millionaire, who comes off as a grump. But inside, he is nothing but the most loving man. When he finally lets his vulnerable side show. Charlee was a force to be reckoned with and her obsession with office supplies. So much fun to read about these two. The passion in this story was genuine, and you couldn’t help but root for these two. They are just special.

I’ve probably said this a million times about Quinn. But her writing ability is just all-consuming. You can’t help but get lost in the story. The characters play in your mind like a movie (and this would be a hilarious movie). It’s incredible how I can be laughing, and the next few pages, my heart is pounding in my chest, and I’m on the verge of tears.

And I have to have this book in Paperback. I loved it. That. Much. And plus it’s gorgeous.

Overall, Five Boundless Stars

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