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Sara's Review: Alien Conquest (Alien Invasion #1) by Honey Phillips

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Honey Phillips RELEASED: June 13, 2019 GENRE: scifi, alien romance LENGTH: 280 pages FORMAT: ebook


Can love forge a path between an alien invader and his human mate?

When the Yehrin arrive on Earth, Emily Rogers is more intrigued than scared - intrigued enough to work for them on the United Worlds project. But in a single night, everything changes. Sabotage destroys the project and kills the alien male she trusted. Now the gentle Yehrin scholars are replaced by fierce Yehrin fighters.

Frightened and alone, Emily runs home to her small North Carolina town - only to be followed by one of the massive horned warriors. Commander T’lan is a Yehrin male of unquestioned honor. Investigating the destruction, he discovers his mate in a delicate human female. But she is pregnant by another, and her pregnancy may be the hope his species so desperately needs.

Will the need to protect his race destroy T’lan’s relationship with the one person he has spent his life searching for? After being betrayed by one alien, can Emily learn to trust another? THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

This was a case of too much sex in a story. I know, I know. Too much sex not possible! Yes, yes, it is possible. And Alien Conquest is a perfect example of it. I am not saying there should be a limit on sex scenes in a book; however, when they take away from the actual story, they need to be cut down. I get it, and she is with an insatiable alien who lust knows no bounds. However, I had a hard time getting through this one. The story is great and well written, although the charters their T’ were getting confusing. I even enjoyed some of the sex scenes. I just got bored with them quickly and started skimming. I am not sure if I will continue with this world. As much as I love Alien Romance, I just couldn’t get invested

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