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Sara's Review: His Smile (A Mafia Romance, #3) by Katerina Winters

APC PUBLISHER: Katerina Winters RELEASED: August 30, 2019 GENRE: mafia, contemporary romance LENGTH: 379 pages FORMAT: ebook


Roman Mashir was the man that stepped out of shadowed corners wearing a smile. Cruelty and laughter were synonymous in his world. Roman was the devil who caught your gaze and grinned back at you in your nightmares.

Fear was what he liked to see, expected even—bright eyed infatuation was not.

Rahina Chopra was persistent, annoying, naïve, and beyond foolish. While she danced happily in moonlight he was the devil who aimed his sights and pulled triggers.

She had no business fluttering carelessly into his world, he had made too many enemies, laughed in the face of one too many dying men to be allowed the luxury of her beauty.

But she recklessly fell in love with the madman, despite everyone's warning--despite his warnings. So, she stepped closer. Further into the psychopath's hands sliding around her throat and closed her eyes to his grip fastening tightly close. Rahina didn't want Roman's status, his power, or his wealth the only thing she wanted was—his smile. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I have read a lot of mafia romance’s over the years, and I found His Smile to be unique. Unlike most other mafia romances where the story’s focus is on the life of crime, His Smile focuses on Rahina. I found this to be incredibly refreshing, and I was able to invest in the characters and the story. Roman is a very dangerous Russian mob boss who lives in the shadows. Yet sunshine comes bounding into his life in the form of Rahina one day as she serves him tea. Rahina is a ballerina and a rising star in that world. Rahina is that girl everyone loves and Roman is the beast she has set her heart on. These two are an unlikely pair, yet their chemistry is epic. I am so thrilled Winters sent me an ARC to read. I am going to have to go back and read the first two in this series. I am pretty sure they are Lost and Found and Glass Cage based on the characters in the blubs. Either way, I am looking forward to them. I am rating His Smile (A Mafia Romance #3) 5 Boundless stars, like Roman and Rahina’s romance it was epic.

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