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Sara's Review: The Dark War by Angela Addams

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Entangled: Select Otherworld RELEASED: July 31, 2017 GENRE: paranormal, romance LENGTH: 292 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Witch. Hunter. Traitor. Kali Richards s solitary life s work is to hunt the evildoers of her own kind and bring them to justice. She s poised to catch her latest bounty when she realizes her quarry is a witch-vampire hybrid with a taste for blood Kali s blood.

She s lost quite a lot of it when Wyatt, the ex who still owns the pieces of her shattered heart, comes to her rescue. Eight years apart hasn't cooled her anger over their breakup. Neither has it cooled the desire still steaming between them.

As Wyatt heals her wounds, he brings disturbing news: Kali s mother has awakened from a years-long coma with a prophecy on her lips. A Dark War is coming that will pit supernatural against human. Kali is the key to stopping it.Except Kali isnt what you d call adept at spell-casting. Like it or not, she needs a lot of help. From Wyatt, and from the organization that she turned her back on once before the Witch Hunter s Union. Even with an army at her back, she s in for one hell of a ride FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I was asked to read Fortune’s Fool but in the “Note to Reader” It tells you that it’s a Standalone but you should read The Dark War first. Since I am such a stickler for reading books in order, I started with The Dark War. I have one question. Why hasn’t everyone who loves Urban Fantasy read this book? It is utterly fantastic. In The Dark War we meet Kali, a witch who is pissed off at the world and her kind. Due to the death of her sisters. She moved away from her family and the rest of the people she knows. She becomes a witch hunter. Weird I know a witch who hunts her kind. However, Kali only hunts evil witches. A prophecy is foretold, and her ex comes to find her and bring her home. OMG, I wanted to KILL Wyatt so many times. He yanks Kali’s emotions around so much, and he is just a bastard. If I could have reached into the pages and stabbed him then slapped her, I think I would have. Gah, why are women so stupid when it comes to men!

Loaded with action that doesn’t stop along with some pretty intense passion, which I LOVED. Best of both worlds for me. I love Urban Fantasy, make it a romance to I am in heaven. I am curious why the next book doesn’t pick up where this one leaves off, but I can’t wait to dive in none the less. I am rating The Dark War 5 HUGE Boundless stars, one of my favorites of the year so far.

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