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Sara's Review: Hannah's Bliss (Windy City Nights Book 3) by Dania Voss



He knew he didn’t deserve her, didn’t fit in her world. But the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was his...

Rocco Moretti had a rough start in life. Abused by his parents and abandoned when he was six years old, he’s spent his life trying to prove his worth. After barely getting out alive while deployed in Afghanistan, he’s settled into civilian life—for the most part. He’s convinced himself being a devoted brother, uncle, and associate at Dixon-Shaw Security is all he deserves. Hannah Hailey has been professionally unfulfilled at her mother’s successful event planning firm for far too long. Bullied into a relationship with a man her mother considers suitable, Hannah is miserable. Richard Hayes is an arrogant, cheating bastard she despises. When Hannah and Rocco meet, their chemistry is undeniable, and sparks fly. Hannah believes she doesn’t have a chance with the sexy Italian Marine, but is captivated by his seductive charm. Rocco knows Hannah is way out of his league, but is spellbound by the dark-haired temptress. He’s determined to have her at all costs. Can they build a real future together or will pressure from Hannah’s well-to-do family tear them apart? TWO BOUNDLESS STARS

This one started interesting enough. Hannah, an event planner with an aspiration of becoming a wedding gown designer, is stuck working for her controlling mother. Her mother also wants her to marry a horrible, cheating, homophobic jerk for the sake of a business merger. Rocco an ex-marine who is working security for a celebrity in a wedding Hannah is planning is dumb stuck by Hannah, and it's lust at first sight for him. So the premise of the story starts excellent, and I am digging the story, and then it starts to get Schizophrenic. Voss tries to make Rocco a Dom that lives above a BDSM club, and he serves as a DM; however, he serves as a total submissive in a ladies tea party social. Then she makes him the Incredible chef who rockets to celebrity status in the blink of an eye. While still maintaining his job with the security firm/bodyguard service, who BTW doesn't have to follow any laws and have a license to kill just because they are so badass. Are you following? Because I was confused or at least suffering whiplash. There are so many characters that are introduced that it's evident that this is part of a series and not part one. And then there is the annoying part of skipping over entire scenes like visiting grandma's then referring to it later like I should know what happened. I can only assume something took place in another book, but I have no idea. I can't be certain because the details I would have liked, like the falling in love and getting to know each other were glossed over. I got so frustrated with this at about the 1/2 point that I started skimming. There is just a lot that didn't matter and what did was left out. I agreed to read another of Voss's books when I was still enjoying this one. I hope it doesn't fall apart or get as convoluted as this one did. I am giving this one 2 Boundless stars because I did like it for a little bit.

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