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Sara's Review: Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson (A Mercy Thompson Nove


NARRATOR: Alexander Cendese & Lorelei King RELEASED: September 2, 2014 GENRE: SCIFI, SHORT STORY LENGTH: 14 hours and 53 minutes FORMAT: EBOOK, AUDIBLE, PAPERBACK


Shapeshifter Mercy Thompson has friends in high places—and in low, dark, scary ones. And in this must-have collection of short stories, you’ll meet new faces and catch up with old acquaintances—in all their forms...Includes the new stories..


“Roses in Winter”



…and reader favorites

“Fairy Gifts”


“Seeing Eye”

“Alpha and Omega”

“The Star of David”

“In Red, with Pearls” 4.5 (FIVE) BOUNDLESS STARS

I discovered a “Mercyverse” reading order on Patricia Briggs website and wanted to follow along. This is a collection of Novellas that I will listen to as they take place in the timeline. Overall it gets a 4.5 Boundless Stars. Silver: This is the origin story of Samuel and Bran. I never realized their story was so incredibly tragic. This is a very sad short story, and it is also mainly Samuels. I am hoping it continues and we get more of Brans in another story. But it is very good, and we get to see how he meets Ariana. 5 Boundless stars Gray: This story is set inside the same world, but it doesn’t have any characters I am familiar with. Elyna is a vampire who just broke free from her master. She has returned to her original home. The place where she killed her husband on accident when she turned. This one is a bit happy and sad. Sad that she killed her love but happy that they are reunited even if it is in ghost form. 4 Boundless Stars Fairy Gifts: This story is the origin story of Thomas Hoa. I’ll be honest I don’t remember him from the series. It’s been too long. This story is about betrayal and revenge in my mind. It was ok, but I had trouble staying focused on it. 3 Boundless Stars. Seeing Eye: I liked this one. Tom and Moria feel like they belong in the “Mercyverse” and this is their origin story. I can’t wait to meet them again later in the Alpha and Omega series. 5 Boundless Stars Alpha and Omega: This is the start of the Alpha an Omega series and you have to start here to understand what is going on in the next book in the series Cry Wolf. This is the start of Charles and Anna’s story. I found that the order placement is perfect in the “Mercyverse” because the events in Moon Called are happening concurrently with Alpha and Omega. This is a great introduction and so far my favorite book in this collection 5 Huge Boundless Stars Star of David: We met David Christensen in Moon called. He is a lone wolf with a tragic past. This is a Christmas story with a side of horror and redemption. I enjoyed it. 4 Boundless Stars Roses in Winter: This is Kara story. We have never met her, but her dad came to Mercy for help in Blood Bound. I am so happy that we get to see what happens to Kara because a little girl of 10 being turned was a story that needed to be told. 5 Boundless Stars. In Red, with Pearls: This is a story told from Warrens POV and one I thoroughly enjoyed. It also really foreshadows the events that happen in Storm Cursed. I am giving this one 5 Boundless Stars.

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