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Sara's Review: Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Dynamite RELEASED: July 15, 2015 GENRE: Graphic NOvel, Paranormal LENGTH: 238 pages FORMAT: ebook, Hardcover


An all-new story set in official continuity, exclusively created for comics! You've never read a Mercy Thompson story like this before! Mercy Thompson returns to comics in an all new adventure by New York Times' bestselling author, Patricia Briggs! Mercy Thompson is a shapeshifting coyote and honorary member of the Tri-Cities werewolf pack. When the pack stumble upon the buried bones of numerous dead children, Mercy shapeshifts into a mystery of the legendary fae - a mystery that could be the death of her. 3.5 (FOUR) BOUNDLESS STARS

This is me being true to the "Mercyverse" reading order. I am still not a massive fan of the "graphic novel." Not sure why they don't call it a comic book. I read it on my Kindle Fire so I at least can enjoy all the colors. But I am not sure sometimes if I am reading things in the right order. Nope, I never read comics as a kid. I enjoy the artwork, and I like seeing how Briggs pictures her characters. I agree with another review that the picture of Zee is off compared to his description. But I can use my imagination, and I would have preferred to have this as a short story because honestly $9.99 for this is steep in my opinion. But I support Briggs so I won't return it. I enjoyed the story, and it fits right in with the fae letting out some of their nastier creatures to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting humans. This one is pretty bad. What is with the Fae and preying on children? I am giving Hopcross Jilly 3.5 Boundless Stars, and this is a very short story. Although the artwork is excellent, and the story is sound. I don't appreciate "graphic novels' enough to feel like I got my money's worth.

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