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A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories by Various Authors

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: WordFire Press RELEASED: October 8, 2014 GENRE: fantasy anthology LENGTH: 315 pages FORMAT: ebook, audible, paperback


’Tis the Season for 14 magical, macabre and merry tales to make your Holidays Fantastic.

Gingerbread houses, caroling carolers, brightly trimmed trees, big family dinners, pristine snowfalls-the familiar pleasures of the season.

But what better pleasure is there than a good holiday story? So open this winter solstice sampler and indulge in fully festive fantasies, nightmares before Christmas, and stunning space-age celebrations. These stories will warm hearts and minds like a blazing Yule log. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

I am bad, the only reason I purchased this was for the Patricia Briggs story Unappreciated Gifts. I may go back and read the others, but I doubt it. In this story, Asil is dared to go on a bunch of blind dates because the pack thinks he is lonely and bored. Asil doesn’t say no to the challenge. The first date is not what he is expecting, but it Asil doesn’t want to lose the bet. So when he discovers a Vampire in the wrong place, it’s up to Asil to save the day.

I was originally going to listen to this in audiobook format, but after listening to the sample, I just couldn’t. The narrator didn’t pronounce Asil’s name correctly, and that was going to annoy me. Therefore, I read it. The story is quick, fun, and exciting. I love Asil and enjoy anytime he is featured. He is such a great character; he could hold his own series. At least I think he could. I wish that we got to see the rest of the dates and the story was completed. What we got was a little short story. It was still enjoyable but a bit disappointing. I am rating this on based only on Unappreciated Gifts 4 Boundless stars.

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