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Stormi's Review: Buried Deep in Our Hearts by Tracie Barton-Barrett

APC PUBLISHER: Tracie Barton-Barrett RELEASED: April 14, 2016 GENRE: GRIEF, LOSS LENGTH: 338 pages FORMAT: EBOOK


"They are our companions on Life's journey...and our memories of them will always be buried deep in our hearts." In Woodhaven Run, Michigan, Nivie Emerson, Bryn Troxell and Jacqueline Stanton have animals who touch their lives in many ways. As important members of their families, these steadfast companions bring joy and compassion into their homes through the ebbs and flows of life. But, when a beloved animal dies, the painful inevitability triggers grief and soul-searching. In the process of memorializing the animals, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, children and friends are connected to one another. A community solution is then created to foster healing and celebrate their animals' lives. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

This book follows different families that have loved and lost pets. This book follows these families as they come up with a community way to remember them not only as pets but as family. I was offered this book because I am an animal lover. I also feared this book for the same reason. Let me say I did not even make it through the first chapter before the tears started. My advice is to go grab you a box of tissues before you even begin. This book is about animals, loss, and remembrance. So much happened during this book, but it was simply amazing. It faces not only the loss of pets but of others as well. This book hit on many tough subjects. It's written well, and even though I was an emotional mess the entire time (haha) it was an excellent book with a great message. I loved the storyline, and I loved all the characters, both 2 and 4 legged. This author is one that knows how to grab those heartstrings for sure. If you are an animal lover now or have ever been this book is for you. JUST DON'T FORGET THE TISSUES.

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