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Sara's Review: Captive of the Horde King (Horde Kings Of Dakkar #1) by Zoey Draven

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Zoey Draven RELEASED: March 26, 2019 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 327 pages FORMAT: ebook


She made a deal with the Dakkari devil!

Now, he owns her!

On the unforgiving planet of Dakkar, I did what all the humans in our village did: kept my head down, worked to provide for my family, and I certainly didn’t break any Dakkari laws to risk inciting the alien race’s merciless wrath!

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for my brother and one careless mistake brings a horde of the nomadic, barbarian Dakkari straight to our doorstep, led by their powerful horde king - a cold, ruthless, battle-scarred warrior demanding retribution!

In order to save my brother’s life, I do the unthinkable...

I sell myself to the horde king as his war prize. I agree to warm his furs, to travel with his horde across the wild lands of Dakkar, and to never see my family again!

But, as I struggle with my new reality, I discover that the surly, mysterious, dominant horde king never intended for me to be his concubine… He wants me as his queen! FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

This is the first story I have read by Zoey Draven and won’t be my last, and I loved it. Luna is part of a human settlement on the alien planet Dakkar. She and her fellow humans are there struggling to survive under the Laws of the Dakkari. When her brother breaks one of those laws, Luna sacrifices herself in place of her brother. But the Dakkari Horde King is looking for much more than someone to just warm his bed. This story was excellent. It had all of the element that I loved. An alpha male, a strong female lead. Danger, romance, and a great story. I hate it when there is just sex and no story. Draven’s character and world building are fantastic. I can’t wait to continue with this series. I am giving Captive of the Horde King (Horde King Of Dakkar #1) 5 Boundless Stars.

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