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Stormi's Review: An Unholy Gift (Angel Calling Series #2) by Georgia Tingley

APC PUBLISHER: Georgeous Publishing RELEASED: April 13, 2019 GENRE: paranormal, romance LENGTH: 195 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


When Caroline Emerson wakes up from a coma after a stroke, she feels she is going crazy, hearing voices inside her head. Caroline has been blessed with the miraculous ability to read minds! Overwhelmed by her gift and the enormity of what it means to control the cacophony of voices clamoring inside, she seeks divine assistance.

Newly converted angel, ‘Asher, the Angel of Guidance,’ is sent down to Earth to help her refine and operate her powers; teaching her to block and read minds with proficiency. They use her ‘special skill’ to help the police find missing people.

The authorities suspect foul play when a man’s wife disappears. However, Caroline and Asher are unable to read his mind; but he can read theirs! Not only can he block anyone scanning his thoughts, but he is able to control others by using his powers - a gift reserved for the supernatural.

Out of their depth, and unsure of who, or what, they are dealing with, they seek support from ‘The Angelic Counsel’. Justice Smith is called in to help.

Together the two angels discover a man who is not who he claims to be, and hidden beneath his urbane front is an evil criminal with an unholy gift. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Caroline is a woman who wakes from a coma with a gift. The gift to read minds. Unable to control it she is sent help from above. Asher, the Angel of Guidance, is there to help Caroline learn to control her gift and use it for good. While assisting the police Caroline and Asher come across a man that's mind can't be read, but he can read theirs and control them too. When neither knows what to do Justice, a Warrior Angel is called in to help. Soon the two earthbound Angel's figure out that this man has a most unholy gift and is not who he appears to be. I loved this book. It's been a bit since I read book 1 in this series and so some of my knowledge has been forgotten, but it was okay because this story gave me a bit of background from the previous book so I wasn't completely lost. Even with the forgotten parts, I loved it all the same. It had a great storyline and a great set of new and old characters. Caroline is a great character, and I love her spirit in a time of great mental discord. Asher is fun, and it was great to get to know and follow "again." Justice, well Justice I had to relearn since book one was not fresh in my mind, but yes, I loved him too! This story was written well and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was full of drama and action, and you guessed it.... some very steamy romance as well. It had the good and the not so good in the form of an evil man with evil intentions. The concept of Good vs. Evil always makes for a great story in my opinion. Overall, I was pleased with this book and look forward to more from this series in the future.

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