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Stormi's Review: Wisdom From a Father: One dad's thoughts on life by Joe Siccardi

APC PUBLISHER: Joe Siccardi RELEASED: November 18, 2018 GENRE: self-help, growth LENGTH: 162 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Wisdom From a Father is a reflective look at life, segmented into chapters. The words are updates of posts made on his blog,

The 52 essay chapters include reflections on life, love and family. All are written from the heart, sometimes seriously and sometimes with a touch of humor. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

This is a collection of short stories or blog entries. Each story gives its own powerful message. I can say that honestly, this is not my typical read and review type of book, but I found it well written and a good read. It was full of a "fathers wisdom." It had me smiling at times and sad at others. It was an excellent book of memoirs so to speak. Each story makes you think, I guess. Each story can be seen in any daily life. I saw some of these in my life. Sometimes it takes a story or book such as this to make you open your eyes. Overall, this is an enjoyable read and one I plan to tell my father about.

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