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Stormi's Review: A Shadow Beyond by Emma-Nicole Lewis

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Emma-Nicole Lewis RELEASED: February 28, 2019 GENRE: historical, ghost fiction LENGTH: 722 pages FORMAT: ebook


Lost in the folds of time, behind one village's brave sacrifice, is the tragic and chilling secret of Thornycroft Hall.

A Shadow Beyond is a dual time novel set in the present and during 1665 – 1666 when plague broke out in the village of Eyam. It is a heart-rending and chilling tale of sacrifice, love, obsession and tragedy....

Locked away in the top quarters of Thornycroft, a large house on the edge of the historic village of Eyam, is a centuries old secret.

Escaping the chaos of a complicated break up, Kate Saunders travels to the Peak District to stay with her Great Aunt Edie who has suffered a fall. Thornycroft is the perfect bolthole for Kate, peaceful and providing plenty of distance from her obsessive ex.

But when Kate stumbles across a diary and an ancient bogwood jewellery box in the top of the house, the tranquillity she had expected is shattered. She is shocked to discover that Edie has been tampering with the supernatural and as Kate reads the contents of the diary, the shadows of Thornycroft’s past begin to stir.

Kate becomes fascinated by the history of the house and the legacy of the villagers who made a brave yet devastating decision during the outbreak of plague. The more she discovers, the more she realises that hidden behind Eyam’s tragic story is a dreadful family secret.

Stalked by her ex and restless spirits who harbour a dark secret, Kate realizes she’s in danger - not only from the living, but from the dead.

As the haunting intensifies and layers of time peel away, Kate starts to uncover a chilling truth that has remained buried for centuries… FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

When Kate's aunt has a fall, she uses that as an excuse to escape her current situation with her ex Richard. She heads to Eyam and Thornycroft to help her aunt recover. When she gets there her aunt is scared and refuses to leave the rehab home she is in and return to Thornycroft. Kate has to figure out what happened to her aunt in that house to scare her away from a home she loves. She soon begins to figure it out in the craziest of ways. This book was very well written. its the second story I have read by this author and once again I wasn't disappointed. From beginning to end it was a mystery with a big-time spook factor. From history to ghosts to mystery this book had it all. It was written in a way that was like three different stories in one. From the past to the future to the thrill of Kate being stalked. All these stories seem to collide into one great book. I loved this book and hated putting it down. If you want a story that will keep you enthralled this is it.

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