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Release Blitz: Heartbreaker (Heart Duet #2) by Magan Vernon

RELEASE BLITZ Title: HeartBreaker Series: Heart Duet #2 Author: Magan Vernon Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: May 6, 2019


I’ve broken my fair share of hearts. They don’t call me a former teen heartthrob for nothing. Now, I’m a single dad and things are finally looking up for me in life and love for that matter. But then the ghost of Hollywood past showed up at my doorstep. Now I have to decide if it’s time to go back to my old life, for her, or if I keep it all in the past...for her. *** HeartBreaker is told from the Male POV GOODREADS PURCHASE LINKS US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited


With HeartBreaker you get to know Len, the once teen heartthrob.

Len has a lot of secrets. Some that no one even knew about. Until one of them lands at his doorstep. In turn, his whole world upside down. And makes things very complicated for him and Rachel.

I didn’t connect with either of the characters on an emotional level. There were a ton of ups and downs. That in a way hoped that Rachel would just be done with Len. But I understood her wanting to have his back. For him to know that there was someone out there, that was there for him.

This was a good and entertaining story. It was on the dramatic side that you didn’t know what Len’s decisions would be. Heck, I don’t even think he knew.

Overall, I’m giving this 3.5 (FOUR) Boundless Stars. EXCERPT The world of acting never prepared me for life as a single dad. “Juniper, are your shoes and pants on?” I yelled up the stairs, scraping the last of the sugary cereal she took two bites out of into the trash. “Dad, I’m pooping! I can’t wear pants while I poop.” Her voice echoed through the high ceilings of the house. I thought boys were the only ones who farted all the time and had poop jokes. Not Juniper. The girl decided her regular time to go was right before we had to leave for school and anytime, we were out at a restaurant. Usually, she announced it by making a thunderous farting noise and saying she had to go really bad. After pushing the last of her breakfast into the trash, I wiped my hands on a dish towel before darting up the stairs and heading into Juniper’s bedroom. When Ally left, I decided to give Juniper a clean slate and let her redo her room. Little did I know that would mean taking away the celestial sky theme Ally picked out, painting over a starry night ceiling and getting rid of the princess bed. All to be replaced with a pirate bunk bed and a mural from one of the Lego movies. In between all of the scattered toys lay her school pants. Right next to her light-up tennis shoes she just had to have because, apparently, they made her run faster. “Dad, I told you I was pooping! You didn’t need to come snooping for my pants.” I turned around to see Juniper standing in her school polo and Wonder Woman underoos, hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. “Just wanted to make sure you were ready; we have to leave soon.” “You can’t rush a woman, Daddy,” she said with a huff, grabbing her pants on the floor before sliding them on. “Oh?” I raised an eyebrow, wondering where she’d heard that remark. “That’s what Mommy always says to Chad when they close the door. I’m not supposed to listen or interrupt them since Mommy gives me her phone to play games, but I heard her yell that.” My interest was piqued as I stepped forward, wondering exactly the two were arguing about. “Were they fighting?” She nodded as she slid her shoes on. “I think so. There was a lot of grunting, and then I kept hearing some banging on the walls then Chad yelling that he was coming. But I don’t know where he was going.” She wrinkled her nose in question, but all of the heat drained from my body as I gulped. So, not arguing. “You know, probably just a grown-up discussion they were having,” I said quickly helping her up and trying not to look her in the eye. Taking a mental note that next time Rachel came over to make sure Juniper wasn’t anywhere she could hear us.

ALSO AVAILABLE #1 HeartThrob US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle unlimited AUTHOR BIO

Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch. Find her online at AUTHOR LINKS Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Amazon Goodreads

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