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Sara's Review: Venomous (Alien Warrior #1) by Penelope Fletcher

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Stephenson & Fletcher RELEASED: December 24, 2014 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 690 pages FORMAT: ebook


Abducted from Earth and transported to a slave planet in an unknown galaxy, Lumen finds herself, shackled, naked and put on display before an alien horde. Told the males will battle for the right to slake their lusts with her body, she would become the slave of slaves. Venomous One, a proud warrior enslaved, has given up hope of returning to his home world and finding a life mate. When a female is tossed into the arena his soul demands he claim her. Winning his mate by Right of Might, he vows to protect Lumen and be a good provider, no matter how ugly her human appearance. Rescued by Venomous’ people, the couple face space pirates, the condemnation of an alien government, galactic war, and a deadlier threat from within the warrior’s own kindred. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Be warned there are rape, serious dubious consent and many dark themes in this novel. This book depicts alien abduction and being tossed into a gladiator ring as a war prize. Venomous and Lumen can’t understand each other and Venomous is be driven by instinct to claim his mate in the traditions of his people. Lumen from earth is terrified that a big hulking reptile esc. type humanoid with four arms razor-sharp teeth, fangs, and a forked tongue are going to rip her apart during forced sex since he is so much stronger and larger than her she has no choice but to submit and show him how to make it pleasurable for her. The story is beyond epic, and I should have realized it when I saw how long it was. I am used to a short little romance this one is almost 700 pages. Lumen and Venomous go through so much to be together. Lumen also gets two more husbands as the story progresses. Lucky girl. The only issue I had at times was the book just seemed to wordy or words I didn’t understand. And I was reading this on my Kindle, and the dictionary wasn’t even translating them. And these weren’t alien words, and I get that the author was writing in English? It felt like she got a bit too liberal with the thesaurus and medical terminology. I am giving this one 4 Boundless stars, I enjoyed it and have already moved on to book 2 in the series, Thunderclaw.

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