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Sara's Review: Beauty's Alien Beast by Linda Mooney

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Music And Press RELEASED: November 12, 2018 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 202 pages FORMAT: ebook


As an intergalactic cop gifted with psionic abilities, Maurra instinctively went to the Ellinod's defense when she saw the immense and bestial-looking alien being attacked by a group of vicious Kronners. Little did she know what the Kronners had planned for her and the Ellinod until she woke up naked in a cell inside their ship. And it wasn't long before she found out a translation device had been implanted against her spine, debilitating her and making her helpless with pain whenever she tried to use her psi powers.

Neither she nor the Ellinod had any idea how twisted their captors were, but they soon discovered that she and the beast were at the mercy of someone who expected them to "entertain" his "customers", and entertain them well regardless of the consequences. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I love Alien Romance stories, but I have a new twist on it. I don’t want the alien to be just a larger version of a human male. I want him to be an alien and for the two to find love despite their differences. In Beauty’s Alien Beast, Maura is a Jojo, which is an intergalactic cop with psychic abilities. She is a badass, no damsel in distress here. She comes to the aid of an Ellinod who is being jumped. That is when she and the Ellinod, Safan are captured. In this author's world, interspecies breeding is against the law, and Maura and Safan are forced to perform sexual acts in front of a live streaming audience in order to humiliate and damage their reputations. The situation Maura and Saran found themselves in was impossible because it was either perform or die. Being in captivity the way they were, started a bond that only grew stronger. Maura began to love Safan. This story was so good because their world was so rigid and complex that even when they did what was right, it was wrong. And the bad guy seemed to win. I broke out in tears more than once reading this. I loved this story, from the kickass heroin the very protective self-sacrificing hero, It was wonderfully complex, and I want more from this world. I am giving it 5 Boundless Stars.

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