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Stormi's Review: Saving Ferris by A.R. Kennedy

APC PUBLISHER: A.R. Kennedy RELEASED: September 23, 2018 GENRE: Romance, suspense LENGTH: 274 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Is your pet family or property?

When Cecilia’s husband dies, she’s forced to become his dog's caregiver, something she does not immediately warm to. But when Ferris’s life is threatened by an intruder, she shoots the intruder to save the golden retriever.

Police Chief Holden Owens thinks Cecilia acted lawfully, in self defense, but few agree. In the eyes of the law, one can use lethal force to protect themselves and others, but not property.

Pets are considered property. Holden loses his fight with the prosecutor, and is now in a new fight—his undeniable attraction to Cecilia. Prosecutor Daniel Briscoe is seeking justice for the intruder, who is also the mayor’s nephew, while seeing a case to further his career. Celebrity defense attorney Wyatt Sewell identifies a sympathetic defendant, a case he can win, and a way to garner more acclaim. When he learns of Cecilia’s motive, to save Ferris, he sees a blockbuster case that can set legal precedent.

Cecilia endures a murder trial where her defense attorney forces everyone to ask themselves, Is your pet property or family?

Will saving Ferris's life cost Cecilia her freedom? And a second chance at love? FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

After reading the description for this book, I just had to read it, and it did not disappoint. I am a big time animal lover, and this means I'll protect them as if they are my family (which in my eyes they are). This is what happens in this book. Cecilia's husband dies, and she is left to care for his dog. When an intruder breaks in she shoots him to protect herself and her dog, Ferris. Now she's on trial for murder, and the big question is if the pet is property or family? Will she lose her freedom because of her actions, for protecting herself and her "family"? Along with this journey she finds hope and peace in an unlikely friend. This story was excellent start to finish. It was an action-packed and thought-provoking read. I feel for Cecilia. From widow to murder suspect in a few months, time is a lot for anyone. I don't know what else to say about this book without ruining it with spoilers. All I can say is that it is written very well. It has a great set of characters and an awesome storyline. It is definitely worth the read. Honestly, I loved it.

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