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Stormi's Review: 3in1 Horror: A collection of 3 short tales of horror. by Sean-Paul Thomas

kindle unlimited PUBLISHER: Paul Thomas Publishing RELEASED: February 20, 2019 GENRE: occult horror LENGTH: 105 pages FORMAT: ebook


From the author of 'The Old Man and The Princess' and 'My Sister and I' comes 3 short, but chilling tales of horror and terror. Story 1 - THE LIVING ROOM. A young woman who has a phobia of other people finally builds up the courage to investigate an unlocked door in her apartment building that has been left opened for weeks. Story 2 - MISSING A teenage girl takes a walk with her family dog through the woods to meet her father at the local train station. When her dad doesn't show, her mind begins to play all kinds of wild, scary tricks as she begins to make the long way back home again through the deep, dark woods. Story 3 - THE DEAL A young high school loner does a deal with a mysterious woman on the night he is about to commit suicide.


As a whole, this was a good set of short stories. Each story was vivid, and the imagery was good. While the stories themselves were good, I did not get the horror/scare aspect from any of them. Each story was written well, but I expected a little something more. A little bit more scare would have made the stories a lot better, but I didn't get that from any of these tales that are in this book. Even without the spook that I expected, the stories are worth the read.

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