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Stormi's Review: The Perfect Neighborhood (The Secrets of Suburbia #3) by Jo Crow

APC PUBLISHER: Jo Crow RELEASED: March 1, 2019 GENRE: psychological, crime LENGTH: 454 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


When a secret from Holly Weldon’s past threatens to consume everything she values, she must find the strength to fight for those she loves. Holly has just relocated to an idyllic suburb with her loving husband Mike and baby daughter Clare. The quiet, peaceful street is the farthest thing imaginable from the aftermath of violence Holly encountered in her work as a forensic pathologist in the city. But as the family settles into their new home, a strange sense of foreboding moves in with them. At first, Holly dismisses this as new parent jitters. However, soon the unusual—and dangerous—occurrences on Holly’s tree-lined block become impossible to ignore. As her days and nights grow more isolated and filled with paranoia, Holly struggles to convince others that the threat isn’t just in her imagination. In the end, when Holly’s sanity is questioned and the violence around her escalates, she’s forced to take a stand to save her newborn daughter, and herself.


Holly is a new mother in a new neighborhood. The neighborhood is supposed to be safe. Soon Holly begins to notice weird things happening and no one, including her husband Mike, believes her. It's left up to her to keep her family safe. This book was an edge of your seat read. Around every corner, new incidents happen, and you think you know what's going on, but the truth eludes the reader. This story is written very well. It was an action-packed psychological read from beginning to end. Holly was a likable character, and I felt sorry for her being alone in the mess that is her neighborhood. The truth comes out in the end, and I was in shock. A Great read all around!

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