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Sara's Review: War for Earth (Galactic Order #3) by Erin Raegan

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Erin Raegan RELEASED: January 25, 2019 GENRE: scifi, fantasy, romance LENGTH: 268 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Three weeks ago, an alien species called the Vitat, invaded the earth. They broke through the earth’s atmosphere and decimated the human population in moments. Their goal? Nothing but destruction and to feed their endless appetites. Their hive queen orbits earth in their warship, waiting until her hive have taken over the planet and she can consume earth’s sun to grow her massive hive.

But the humans are not alone in their fight to regain control of their planet. Another alien species, the Dahk, have come to their aid by order of their king. But what Fihk, the Dahk acting commander, is unaware of, is that his king had his own agenda regarding the humans survival. As does the Galactic Council. The humans are not only in danger of the carnivorous Vitat, but also a council of several alien species dedicated in their endeavor to enslave them. Fihk’s own council and the Juldo Master at the helm.

As the humans try to fight back and survive one invasion, another is already underway.


Every minute of everyday is now a struggle to survive. Just one minute to the next. My brother is my only concern. His safety is everything to me. But aliens are making that an impossible task. Not one species, but two. The white aliens just want to gnaw on us, but the new aliens, the Dahk, want something different. Specifically, two of them. Olynth can’t stand me but can’t let me go either, and Fihk, he’s made it clear Nate and I are to help him no matter that all I want to do is escape them. I can’t trust them. They want things from me I can’t give them. Survival is the only thing that matters, even if I have to go through an entire universe of species’ to get it. Even my own. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Have a fan ready when you read this because it is a scorcher! Holy Alien Alpha BDSM (light) hotness. What do I mean by that? There is orgasm denial, rough sex, bondage, discipline, and MFM scenes. So if any of that is going to offend you, don’t read this. Personally, I am in line to give me more, please! This is part of the Galactic Order series that needs to be read in order, so you get the entire big picture. War for Earth adds another layer to the bigger underlying plot in the series. I can’t wait for Raegan to release the next book. Right now this is one of my favorite Science Fiction Romance series. I am giving this 5 Boundless stars, and it is exciting, fast-paced, erotic as hell with such a great plot. I loved it.

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