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Stormi's Review: After You've Gone (Austin Starr Mysteries #3) by Kay Kendall

APC PUBLISHER: Stairway Press RELEASED: February 12, 2019 GENRE: historical, mystery LENGTH: 261 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Twenty-three-year-old Walter MacGregor (aka Wallie) craves adventure, her desires whetted by Sherlock Holmes tales. Her prayers are answered when her father’s rum-running brother Rory lands on the MacGregors’ doorstep, fleeing from enraged bootleggers. In quiet Gunmetal, Texas, during Prohibition, Rory’s tales of adventure charm Wallie, but appall her father, a respected judge.

When a freak accident horrifies the small town, Wallie believes she sees a crime scene that shows evidence of foul play. In short, it’s murder. Annoyed that no one agrees with her—including the sheriff and her dad—she sets out to prove her theory. Soon she is knee-deep in flappers and floozies, Chicago thugs sent south by Al Capone, and a crime lord in the sinful port city of Galveston. Her prim aunt wants her to pay more attention to her eligible suitors. Can Wallie stay alive long enough to figure out which one is her true love?


Walter MacGregor or Wallie as she is often called, is a young woman with a boys name. She lives up to the strong name given to her and craves adventure. When a long lost uncle shows up with tales of adventure, she craves it even more. When a tragedy happens in her small town of Gunmetal, Texas, she finds herself on a path of adventure and danger. Can she solve the mystery or will she die trying? This story was fun from page one. I loved it. It's full of history and action. For a lady of the past, the things Wallie gets into are crazy and fun to read. I loved her as a character. She strong-willed and her Aunt Ida was an excellent sidekick, even as prickly as she can be at times. Overall, this book was an action-filled mystery that was written very well.

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