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Lissa's Review: A Place Without You by Jewel E. Ann

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Jewel E Ann RELEASED: December 31, 2018 GENRE: contemporary romance LENGTH: 308 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


The Law of Henna and Bodhi:

When love breaks, fall inward, fall together, and fall hard. Then let time pick up the pieces.

Everything feels temporary when you’ve experienced tragedy—until Henna Lane meets Bodhi at a music festival.

Young and spontaneous, they have a lust for seizing the moment, falling hard and fast.

When Bodhi is forced to leave without a goodbye, Henna thinks she’ll never get over him. But then she meets Mr. Malone, her sexy, new guidance counselor. They are reckless.

They are forbidden.

When their secret is discovered, Henna has to choose between finishing school—banned from seeing Mr. Malone—or dropping out to follow her nomad dreams.

Henna chooses her dreams.

Over time, she learns that life is not a destination or a journey, some things are more than temporary, and the forbidden can never be ignored. But if she returns for him, will he still be hers?

A Place Without You is an emotional story of young love, shattered dreams, and impossible decisions. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Bodhi and Henna’s love is an all-consuming love. One that you feel in every part of you. One that is anything but temporary. Henna is a bit of a free spirit with a tragic past. Bodhi is trying to live his life, but he’s letting guilt eat away at him. They meet at a certain point in their lives that they were destined too. Once they meet, there is an undying connection. I highly enjoyed this story. It had been a while since I read something from Jewel and I wasn’t disappointed. The characters were pretty easy to connect too. It was interesting and kept me turning the page. Their love was a complicated one. But sometimes love is just never easy. Overall, I give this Four Boundless Stars

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